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Nicole + Jamison - Superstition Mountains Maternity Shoot

Nicole is my oldest friend! We've been inseparable since seventh grade. So when she told me she wanted to shoot her maternity photos in the gorgeous Arizona desert, I jumped on the chance to set it up for her. Her & her husband Jamison live in my hometown of Palm Springs California, so I was so excited for them to come visit and that I would be able to show them the beauty of the Superstition Mountains!

I headed to my fav Facebook group full of Phoenix creatives, looking for creatives who wanted to get in on this shoot. Fortunately for us, the lovely Taliena Koch responded to my post. I've worked with Taliena on multiple shoots and knew she would be the perfect fit. I love her effortless photography style. She helped us nail down our location and timing of the shoot...sunrise. Which comes extra early this time of year, but is the best way to beat the heat and capture the morning golden light perfectly!

This was my first time doing Nicole's makeup professionally. Sure I had done her makeup years ago when we used to get ready for nights out in high school together, but I was so excited to give her the full glam experience with all of the goodies in my makeup kit!

Nicole doesn't wear much makeup on a regular basis. She was blessed with flawless skin and the longest eyelashes you've ever seen. So needles to say she made my job easy. We woke up at 5 am to get her ready in my in-home studio. We went for golden hues for her eye shadows, which complimented her tan skin tone so well. I was super excited to use falsies on her to really add volume to her already blessed eyelashes. I barely had to use any foundation on her smooth, clear skin. I loved giving her a little contour and highlighted look since its something she rarely does. As for her hair I gave her a soft and smooth wavy look. By curling the hair away from her face, all in the same direction, then brushing the curls out to give that effortless waved look. We twisted some pieces back to keep the hair out of her face, and gave a little volume boost at her crown.

Next we headed to a hiking trailhead at the Superstitions. I followed Taliena and Nicole around to make sure ever strand of her hair was in place and her makeup stayed looking photo shoot ready at all times! I loved seeing Nicole's reaction to the beautiful surroundings. The saguaros were definitely her fav...but aren't they everyones?!

You can see from her photos that pregnancy has truly made her glow from within (and with a little help from my highlighter palette). She has wanted this baby for so long, and I can't wait to watch her be an amazing mother to my future niece/nephew. I forgot to mention she is waiting to find out the sex of baby Q (as we are all calling the mystery gendered baby) until her delivery. Needless to say Auntie can't wait to find out the sex as well. I can't wait to meet you Baby Q and smother you with so much love. Auntie Jaja already loves you so much.


Hair&Makeup by Jay-Lee @superstitionmakeupco

Photography @Tkoch_photography

Location Superstition Mountains

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